Vanilla Tairiku Server Rules 

By joining this server, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined. If you performed an action against conditions, you’ll be punished by a server staff according to your action.


Respect all players and be friendly! Disrespectful behavior towards other players in any way is not allowed.

  • Do not Insult other players in any way
  • No harassment on public chat
  • Any form of Discrimination is not allowed. We stand against racism!
  • Do not post random characters, nonsense or any repetitive postings(Spamming). 


  • You must place a sign with ID at your property.  

  • Do not build in others property.
  • Do not make any obscene signs, symbols.
  • Your property has to be smaller than 300 × 300(Maximum) or less.
  • Do not build an objects that cause lag includes continuous redstone clocks, too many hoppers or furnaces.
  • Long distance walls, fences or roads are not allowed.
  • Traps has to be approved by the server staff. There are some other rules to activate your traps. You can check the rules here and then, you can submit your trap here.


  • ALL (number of loaded entities include mobs and dropped items) must be under 300. F3 key (Debug screen mode

  • Do not leave your Infinite villager breeder farms. You can build it. But it has to be under control. 


We may remove houses under the following conditions.

  • All objects that violate the building rules.
  • All objects that build by a players who haven’t joined for two months. If you want to remove someone’s house? You need to apply from here (You can not destroy someone’s houses by yourself. It must be done by server staff.)  
  • All objects that build by a players who are already banned by server staff.


Modifications, hack, glitch or texture pack that give an unfair  advantage to an individual are not allowed.

  • Do not use X ray, hacking, cheating to give yourself an unfair advantage.
  • Do not trap other players such as placing lava, water or mobs.
  • Do not use anti AFK modifications include auto clicking modification.


Someone has broken our regulation? or you have questions about our rules? Please let us know via the official web site or this link below.


We shall comply with the MCbans regulation.